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The Separate Structural Subdivision "Khomutets Professional College of Poltava State Agrarian University" is an institution of professional pre-higher education, which belongs to the state form of ownership.

This is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine, which trains junior specialists and professional junior bachelors for the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

The college is located at:

37634, Poltava region, Myrgorod district,

v. Khomutets, str. Osvityanska 69-А, tel/fax (05355) 35-5-27,

Web: hvzt.pdaa.edu.ua     Email: hvzt@pdau.edu.ua

The College   was founded by the People's Commissariat of Agriculture  in 1920. It was originally an agro-industrial school. In the 30s, it was reorganized into a college of pig breeding, a zootechnical college. In 1958, the college was renamed veterinary and zootechnical. Since that time, the college has also begun training veterinary specialists. Since 2004, the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 192 of 28.05.04 has been reorganized into a structural unit of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy.  Since 2020, the college is called the Separate Structural Unit "Khomutets Professional College of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy," and by order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 272 from 14.09.2021 it was renamed the Separate Structural Unit "Khomutets Professional College of the Poltava State Agrarian University."

The college has the right to implement educational activities related to the provision  of  higher education according to the requirements of the educational qualification level of a junior specialist and professional pre-higher education in the educational and professional degree of a professional junior bachelor in the following specialties:

211 "Veterinary medicine" and 204 "Technology of production and processing of animal products"

Along with the main profession, students master the working profession "Operator for artificial insemination of agricultural animals and poultry."The College  for the needs of the educational process has: two buildings of educational buildings, a clinic of veterinary medicine, an educational and production laboratory, an artificial insemination point, as well as one 4-storey dormitory building, a club and a college canteen. The total area of the premises is 8236 m2, including 4203 m2 of study area, and this is 15.8 m2 of study area per student.

The training and production laboratory includes premises for keeping animals, walking platforms, pens, premises for storing feed and equipment, teak, garages, weighing room, production room, milk quality laboratory, fields and pastures. The area is barren and protected. The laboratory houses cattle and sheep. Maintenance, operation and maintenance of animals are carried out by laboratory employees, including the involvement of teachers and college students as part of practical training

The college conducts educational activities related to obtaining:

- specialized secondary education of professional and academic orientation;

- professional pre-higher education;

- higher education (until the end of the cycle of training of persons enrolled to the institution until December 31, 2019).

The college may conduct research and sports activities and may combine theoretical training with on-the-job training.


Educational activities are carried out on the basis of licenses issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in accordance with the law.

The main purpose of the college is:

- training of specialists for the educational and professional degree of Professional Junior Bachelor;

- creation of educational-methodical, educational, organizational, material and other conditions for obtaining professional higher education by citizens;

- meeting the needs of society and the state with highly qualified specialists;

- creating the necessary conditions for education for applicants with special needs.


The educational process in the college is provided by 28 teachers, including 16 people of the higher category, 7 people of the first category, 2 people of the second category, and 3 specialists. 9 people have the title of Teacher-methodologist, 1teacher has the title of senior teacher, 1teacher has the title of Honored Coach of Ukraine.

The college trains junior bachelors in two specialties "Veterinary Medicine" (full-time) and "Technology of Production and Processing of Livestock Products" (full-time and part-time).



1. Free education.

2. Scholarship.

3. Ecologically clean area.

4. Dormitory.

5. Personal curator.

6. Paid internships.

7. Current specialties.

8. Appropriate material and technical base.


Teachers are actively involved in the organizational, educational and methodological work of the college. They regularly hold open educational events and open classes, weeks of academic disciplines, develop methodological materials to improve the educational process.

College teachers participate in seminars and webinars. They are regular participants in the Ukrainian-German project FABU "Promotion of Vocational Education in Agricultural Colleges of Ukraine", the project "School of European Livestock", members of working groups in developing standards of professional higher education MES and curricula of specialty 211 "Veterinary Medicine". Representatives of the college have repeatedly been speakers and trainers of training seminars on the basis of the State Institution "Scientific and Methodological Center for Higher and Professional Pre-Higher Education".


Teachers of the college are the authors of methodical works included in the Media Library of electronic teaching aids of the State Institution "Scientific and Methodological Center for Higher and Professional Pre-Higher Education", electronic textbooks, new generation textbooks, educational videos, websites and blogs of teachers, open online courses, reviewers and developers of curricula of special disciplines. Our pedagogical workers have repeatedly become winners and laureates of the competitions "Pedagogical Innovations", "Pedagogical Oscar", "Teacher of the Year", "Curator of the Year", "Competition of Veterinary Clinics", "Competition for the organization of educational practices".

Currently, the college has about 300 full-time and part-time students.Young people take an active part in amateur art circles, subject circles, sports sections, etc. They also successfully represent the college in various subject competitions and contests, including the annual Petro Jatsyk Ukrainian Language Competition and the T.G. Shevchenko Literary Competition.Every year our students take part in the meeting of excellent students of agricultural education and the competition "Student of the Year". The most active of them are regular participants of scientific student conferences of Poltava State Agrarian University.

Thus, Dmytro Parfenyuk, a student of the Veterinary Medicine Department, won the regional stage of the "Student of the Year" competition. The following year, Kateryna Pokhylets took the 2nd place in the same competition.

Applicants of The Separate Structural Subdivision "Khomutets Professional College of PSAU" are regular participants in professional student scientific and practical conferences.

Their work is covered in a number of professional publications ("Animal Health and Medicine", "Scientific Proceedings of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy", publications of the State Institution "NMC VFPO" ("Organization of the Educational Process", "Collection of Educational Activities"), "Perspective Research", "Veterinary Newspaper" and collections of materials of professional conferences). Amateur art group participates and takes prizes in competitions "Student Spring", "Sofia Stars", concerts of district and regional significance. Svitlana Husyatynska became a prize-winner of the patriotic song contest of the 1st regional heroic-patriotic festival "We Are Your Future, Ukraine" in 2017 and a participant in the selection for the contest "Chervona Ruta" in 2018. The college has recently founded and successfully operates an amateur theatre group "Llya", which regularly delights the college with its performances. "New Year's Tale", a musical for the holiday "Earth’s Day" are only some productions of this wonderful group.

Athletes and sports teams of the college regularly take an active part in various competitions of district, regional and All-Ukrainian significance. The best athletes of the college of the period 1996-2020: Silka Sergey is Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine in kettlebell lifting, Gavrishko Igor is Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine in Sribnyi Ruslan is Master of Sports of International Class in kettlebell lifting, Otisko Vitaliy is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Khomenko Vladislav is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Dyomin Ivan is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Puziy Alexander is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Strutsky Eugen is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Narizhnyi Sergiy is Master of Sports in kettlebell lifting, Petliukh Oleksandr has the I-st Category in athletics, Klymenko Katerynahas the I-st Category in table tennis, Lyubarets Iryna has the I-st Category in athletics, Molnar Roman is the Candidate for Master of Sports in freestyle wrestling, Shpachuk Roman has the I-st Category in football, Polovyan Vitaliy has the I-st Category in football , Khomenko Maria has the I-st Category in chess. Particular attention should be paid to kettlebell lifters, among whom are Candidates for Masters of Sports, Masters of Sports, Masters of Sports of International Class, World Record Holders, Winners of International, All-Ukrainian and others. competitions. Students regularly take part in various educational activities, challenges, flash mobs and more.

The territory of the college, park, alleys, access roads are constantly maintained in good condition. Of particular note are the actions "Collect garbage, save the environment", "Plant a tree" and others.

The Student Self-government is active in the college, whose representatives are included in the Pedagogical Council, Admission and Scholarship Commissions. At the initiative of students, a number of patriotic, educational and entertaining events were held (flash mobs, charity fairs, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, etc.).